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Property Management


An excellent real estate property management team will save you time, and take the hassle out of owning and leasing an investment property. Only the best property management professionals are with Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd. Our property management team pride themselves on delivering exceptional service to Landlords and their Tenants.




Exceptional customer service


At Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd we understand the importance of regular communication with you as to the status of your investment property. We have processes in place to regularly report to you on the physical and financial aspects of your tenancy, as well as the tenants themselves. We deliver exceptional Customer Service at all times, keeping everything running smoothly.




Rent collection


Collecting your rental income on-time every month is our priority. Rental arrears are checked on a regular basis and pursued.




Property condition report and ongoing inspection reports


At Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd we go to great lengths to do a comprehensive property condition report before the commencement of tenancy. This report ensures that at the end of the lease term the bond due is finalised with minimum fuss. Throughout the tenancy, regular inspections ensure that the tenant is maintaining your property to the agreed standard. From these inspections, we will notify you in writing of any maintenance that may be required on your investment property.




Monitoring your capital return


Rental reviews are regularly conducted and adjusted, to ensure your investment income is maximised.




Screening and background checking of tenants


We interview prospective tenants for your property and check that they don't have a bad rental history. We then verify their employment, financial position and contact personal referees. Photo identification is also checked.




Repairs procedure


It's our policy to immediately contact our landlords with repairs issues, unless in an emergency situation where we will organise an urgent repair.




Advertising for tenants


At Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd we understand the financial pressure of a vacant investment property. We will actively strive to rent your property for the highest possible price, in the shortest possible time. So how do we do this?

1. Your property will immediately be featured for rent on our websites www.opotiki.harcourts.co.nz  / www.realestate.co.nz

2. Your property will be featured in the Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd office.

Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd When you employ Eastern Bay Real Estate Ltd as your Property Manager, you'll enter into an agreement which will cover costs and your property's management details. Once agreed, you can be confident that we'll deliver on the agreement to your satisfaction.




Lisa Siffleet- Property Manager                                           


          Lisa Siffleet                                                        



Karen Cunningham- Property Manager                                           


          Karen Cunningham                                                        




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